Many are looking for the reason of using aftershave. Let’s see!

Before answering what an aftershave is used for, let’s clarify what it actually is and what it is made of.

Aftershave is a product that can be bought in the form of a liquid/lotion or a gel. It is made of numerous ingredients but the three most important ones I would mention are:

  • An antiseptic element (usually alcohol)
  • Perfume
  • A moisturizer

Alcohol is the most traditional element of it and is the main reason why men have been using aftershave for a long time. Perfume has been an important element of aftershave for a much shorter period of time but by now it can be considered to be just as important as alcohol. The moisturizer is an extra that basically helps in softening the skin.

After getting to know what the most important ingredients of a good aftershave are, let’s see why men use it and what the benefits are.

I have already mentioned one of the benefits.  It softens the skin after a fresh shave. However, the most traditional and probably still the main reason of using it is that it helps prevent skin infections that may occur while shaving. I think now you understand why aftershaves contain alcohol as an antiseptic element: alcohol is really good for this purpose. Last but not least men use it to make their face smell nice after a shave. How the aftershave smells has become a very important thing.

There are many aftershave brands. Even brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, etc. sell their own aftershave containing their special perfume.

To sum up: Men use aftershave to prevent skin infections, to smell good and to have soft facial skin.